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Feedbacks MAKS-2015

.L.D. Ltd (Israel)

.L.D. ensures reliability of products and has long-standing relationships with Russian companies. Among them are Sukhoi, Irkut and space complex companies. This cooperation is as valuable to us as contracts with Airbus, NASA, SONY, Philips, Siemens,and other major clients.

MAKS is a wonderful meeting place, where we have met many Russian companies. Today, we have very close cooperation with some of them.

This air show has been organized very well and very professionally. Everything works efficiently, as planned. This allows us the opportunity to work efficiently, at a good pace, and to hold many negotiations. Hopefully, this will continue at next MAKS shows. We will always keep coming here because European political boycotts and sanctions are no authority for us. Israel is not a large country to have the luxury of not being a friend of someone. EspeciallyRussia!

Lead Expert at .L.D. Ltd (Israel)


We hope that in the future many aircraft manufactured by the Aviation Industrial Company of China will fly in the Russian sky. Naturally, we anticipate other forms of cooperation between AVIC and the Russian aircraft industry. Harbin, where our company is headquartered, is located very close to Russia. We hope to have such close relationships between us as well.

We would like for more people to know about our company, our airplane, and to see it. This is why we are participating for the first time in this air show. We hope this will give us the opportunity to establish cooperation with the Russian aircraft industry.

MAKS has been organized very well. We are very pleased this is truly a large air show; and we will continue participating in it in the future.

Aviation Industry Corporation of China AVIC Vice President of the Harbin Aviation Industry (Group) Co, Ltd. (PRC)


Space is a place for construction of a bridge that can be walked on through crises on the Earth. Science as a whole and space exploration, in particular, help build such a bridge of overcoming earthly problems and crises.

We have a positive experience in cooperation with Russians. I would like for us to cooperate with as many countries across the globe as possible I have always enjoyed discussions with participation of Russia, China, the USA, Australia, and other space powers. And we will continue them

Director General of the European Space Agency


SWISSMEM is a leading Swiss industrial association uniting companies of metallurgical, mechanical and electrical engineering industries. Companies represented at MAKS mainly work for civil aviation.

Compared to the previous MAKS, the number of Swiss companies has grown. They have come to realize that the air show in Moscow is a good forum for business contacts. This is why they keep coming back here and enlarge their expositions.

We consider MAKS to be a very important exhibition for the Swiss industry. This is where we can maintain our relations with Russian companies. Although many of our companies have had business contacts with Russian colleagues for a long time, it is worth renewing them every two years. And, of course, to look for new projects.

Impact of todays political problems? Obviously, only the fact that companies working mainly for civil aviation have come here.

Overall, if you have established good relationships with someone, you try to maintain them as long as possible. We consider our business ties to be long-term partnership and do not see any reasons to suspend it because of political challenges or restrictions. Established relationships need to be maintained. Policies change, business does not.

Secretary General of the Swiss Association of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Industries SWISSMEM


We always participate in MAKS. This is an important air show. Hereyoucanmeetdecision-makers in the Russian aerospace industry. Itisasimportanttovisit MAKS as Le Bourget.

We have many graduates who have studied in France and today work in Russia. Thishelpsusestablishinteraction. We continue our work, maintain contacts with the existing partners and search for new ones.

Cooperationwith Russia can only grow. Joint efforts can help us overcome difficulties.

Head of Business Development, Institute of Aviation and Aeronautics (France)

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