JULY 18-23


Promising Russian Feederliner May be Presented at MAKS-2017

According to Andrey Boginskiy, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, a promising ten-seat feederliner designed by Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute (SibNIA) may be presented at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017.

In his interview to Rambler News Service (RNS), Andrey Boginskiy said: “We hope to see the plane at MAKS-2017. At least, we want to witness one of its first flights”.

According to the deputy minister, SibNIA is developing aircraft that have capacity to transport 9-19 passengers. Andrey Boginskiy also noted that the preliminary design of a nine-seat plane had been ready. RNS quotes him as saying: “The work is running and I believe in the right direction. First, a wing prototype was tested on the basis of the An-2 testbed, which proved its flight effectiveness. Then a preliminary design of the nine-seat aircraft was developed. Now aircraft components are being manufactured”.

In addition, Andrey Boginskiy reported that a part of regional aviation development project was localization of the L-410 production in Yekaterinburg. “Our Czech partners monitor all information concerning the project and they are much concerned about the rumors that Russian owners want to close the plant in the Czech Republic and to shift production to Yekaterinburg. That is not what we plan”, he told to RNS and explained that Russian party strives to obtain the approval of Aircraft Industries (Czech Republic) concerning localization of the L-410 production in Russia. According to Boginskiy, it is more competitive in the Russian market than the Twin Otter, Canadian aircraft. He noted that the Czech aircraft lived up to the priorities and preferences of leasing companies and stressed that Aircraft Industries had Russian shareholders.

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