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MAKS 1993-2013

MAKS - 2013

Zhukovsky. September 1, 2013 – MAKS 2013 Eleventh International Aviation and Space Salon held from August 27 to September 1, 2013, has become the largest event in the history of aviation salons in Zhukovsky, Moscow region.

Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Anatolievich Medvedev took part in MAKS. He attended signing of major transactions for aircraft supply and co-operation agreements.

During the aviation salon, the industry leaders made contracts, entered into memorandums of understanding and agreements for the supply of aircraft and aviation components for a total amount exceeding $21.2 bln, which is much more than in 2011.

Most deals were struck by home aircraft manufacturers for the supply of civil aircraft. In particular, bookings for MS-21 were supplemented with 82 pieces, Sukhoi Superjet-100 – for 96 machines. The aggregate value of transactions exceeded $9 bln. Besides, arrangements of United Aircraft Corporation and Russian Ministry of Defence in the maintenance of aircraft airworthiness are valued at some $3 bln.

Agreements of intent to purchase 100 Bombardier Q400 NextGen airplanes were entered into by two Russian leasing companies; transactions are valued at $3.4 bln.

VEB-Leasing and Ilyushin Finance Co. (IFC) signed contracts and memorandums of understanding with airlines for 32 MS-21, 6 SSJ-100 and 15 Tu-204SM airplanes (plus five airplanes as an option). Their total value exceeded $3.8 bln. IFC also signed a number of agreements for the supply of An-148 / -158, Bombardier CS300 and Bombardier Q400 NextGen airplanes.

The salon of 2013 features broad global representation: 287 foreign exhibitors from 44 countries took part in the exhibition. Expositions covered the following area: indoor pavilions (net area) – 19,385 sq.m, open area – 7,352 sq.m, 97 chalets with a total area of 9,300 sq.m, static stand – more than 140,000 sq.m.

Interdepartmental Supervisory Committee and Flight Directorate of Gromov Research Institute FSUE delivered a spectacular and eventful demo program of MAKS 2013. 256 aircraft including 49 foreign ones were displayed in the sky and at the static stand. Zhukovsky skyline featured 116 aircraft, including 60 airplanes and helicopters from 9 aerobatic teams. 176 aircraft were demonstrated at the static stand.

Domestic novelties of the Salon included Il-76MD-90A heavy military transport aircraft, Sukhoi Superjet-100LR regional liner, Mi-171A2, Ka-62 helicopters with Turbomeca engines, Mi-28UB operational trainer. Airbus A380 world’s largest passenger airplane aroused much interest of the public.

From among the events scheduled and included into the Business Program of MAKS 2013, 70 were held, including the International Aviation Congress. More than 4,500 specialists took part in the Business Program.

The exhibition was covered by 3.5 th. journalists from more than 900 Russian and foreign mass media.

The total amount of visitors exceeded 350 th. people this year . During the first three days, some 70 th. specialists visited the Salon.

A special focus was on security of the Salon. During MAKS 2013, 3,200 police officers, including more than 1,000 servicemen of Russian Interior Ministry troops, EMERCOM and employees of private security companies and departmental security services of Russia were daily engaged in antiterrorist activities, maintenance of public order and traffic control within the territory of Gromov Research Institute and Zhukovsky urban district. Besides, order on the roads was ensured by 400 officers of the State Automobile Inspectorate.

MAKS - 2011

The 10th Anniversary International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2011 was held from August 16 through August 21 of 2011 in Zhukovsky in the Moscow Region. Record results were achieved by the end of the fair.

According to the existing tradition, MAKS was visited by Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation at the time. In his presence, a few documents were signed by major participants of the industry. Among them are strategic agreements between State Corporation Rostec and United Aircraft Corporation, Boeing, French Group SAFRAN.

Participants of MAKS 2011 concluded a number of deals, including options, agreements and memorandums of understanding, with the total value exceeding USD16 billion.

Among active participants of MAKS 2011 were representatives of the Russian government, heads of federal ministries, services, agencies and departments, media representatives, general and chief designers of aviation and space equipment, chiefs of integrated organizations, research institutes, design offices, plants, heads of Russian regional agencies, as well as official foreign delegations.

842 organizations and companies representing 40 countries, including 220 foreign exhibitors, took part in the 2011 Salon.

Expositions occupied over 150 thousand sq m, including indoor pavilions with the total floor area of expositions amounting to 30 thousand sq m.

The static stand with the total area of 104 thousand sq m showcased 241 aircraft; 102 aircraft took part in the demonstration program.

The Salon introduced new domestic products, such as the T-50 fifth generation jet fighter, the TU-204CM medium-range jet airliner, helicopters MI-38 with the Russian engines, MI-34C1, and MI-26T2.

Sukhoi Superjet-100 was demonstrated with the status of the serial production airliner. The PD-14 engine model was demonstrated by JSC “United Engine Corporation.” The world’s largest passenger jet Airbus A380 and the latest long-range airliner Boeing 787 were presented at MAKS for the first time.

The exhibition participants organized 41 congress-style events. Forty-two presentations of projects and programs took place. Twenty-nine press conferences and briefings were held. 3,507 journalists from 848 Russian and foreign media did reporting of the exhibition.

The total number of visitors of the Salon in 2011 exceeded 550K people. During the first three days, the exhibition was attended by 110K specialists, which became an all-time record as compared to the previous salons.

Appraisals and feedbacks MAKS 2011

MAKS - 2009

Zhukosky, August 23 - IX International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2009 successfully finished its work. The Exhibition, which was located in halls with total area of 31 750 m^2, was held in August 18 - 23 in Zhukovsky. 735 companies from 34 countries including 507 companies and organizations from Russia participated in the Salon. As it was at previously held Aviation Salons, corporations and holdings tended to participate in MAKS with united stands.

120 companies demonstrated military products. Russian exhibitors introduced 1449 exhibits, including 740 full-scale natural samples.

During its work (August, 18 - 23) MAKS 2009 welcomed over 550 000 visitors, including 65 000 business visitors from 80 countries.

During MAKS 2009 a number of contracts and agreements worth approximately $10 billion were signed. This sum is much bigger than the volume of financial transactions made during MAKS 2005 ($5 billion) and MAKS 2007 ($3 billion).

In spite of world economic crisis, full-format flying program was formed with participation of Russian and foreign companies: UAC, Sukhoi Company, Russian Aircraft Corp. MiG, UIC Oboronprom, Russian Helicopters JSC, Dassault Aviation, Alenia Aeronautica etc.

In total 189 flying vehicles participated in MAKS 2009 (150 Russian and 39 foreign aircrafts). Total number of demonstrational flights - 241, aircraft participated in the flying program - 84.

At the static display aircrafts of the following companies were demonstrated: UAC, Sukhoi Company, Russian Aircraft Corp. MiG, UIC Oboronprom, Russian Helicopters JSC, Tupolev JSC, Il JSC etc.

Among foreign flying vehicles on the static display one could see aircrafts of Antonov Company, Hawker Beechkraft (USA), Diamond Aircraft Industries (Austria), Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Italy etc. The following aerobatic teams and aircraft - demonstrators provided success of the MAKS 2009 flying program: Frecce Tricolori and the S-27 aircraft (Italian Air Force); Patrouille de France and the Rafale aircraft (French Air Force); Russian Knights, Swifts, Russian Falcons (Russian Air Force).

For the first time voluntary assistants (volunteers) were attracted to MAKS 2009 servicing. This was a first experience of such kind of cooperation between specialized Universities and AVIASALON JSC. Totally 700 volunteers worked for MAKS 2009.

MAKS - 2007

International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2007 was held from August 21 to August 26, 2007 at the premises of the Gromov Flight Research Institute, a federal state unitary enterprise.

MAKS-2007 was officially opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrived at the opening ceremony in the Mi-8. In his opening speech before the guests Vladimir Putin put a particular stress on the increasing interest to MAKS. "MAKS is not just one of the many airshows, it has become one of the world's leading aviation and space salons. MAKS-2007 has set a new standard for the organization of such events and one of its central parts was its well thought out program, its science conferences, expert meetings and seminars. One of major innovations at this exhibition was an active participation of scientists, designers and engineers as well as discussions concerning the development of aviation and space flights", the president said.

MAKS-2007 gathered 787 companies among them 540 Russian and 247 foreign ones. The participants from 39 countries of the world demonstrated their newest and most advanced technologies and products.

During its work MAKS-2007 welcomed over 500,000 visitors. Within first days of its work 155,000 experts took part in the exhibition.

MAKS-2007 was visited by 4,000 journalists; about 500 of them came from abroad. The number of accredited Russian publishing companies was 700 and 250 more arrived from other countries. 40 foreign and over 100 Russian TV crews came to give coverage to MAKS-2007.

MAKS - 2005

On the August 16th - 21th of 2005 the 7th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS - 2005 was held on the territory of the "Gromov's FRI" federal state unitary enterprise.

MAKS - 2005 was solemnly opened with the presence of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, who came by the Mi-8 helicopter. In his greeting speach to the MAKS's participants V.V.Putin mentioned an increased interest to the MAKS and underlined, that such an interest is easily understandable because our country is known all over the world as one of the most progressive in the aviation and space industry. He also mentioned the large intellectual potential of Russia and said that our engineers often offer interesting and easy solutions and what is especially important is that our aircraft are of reasonable price.

654 companies including 520 from Russia, CIS countries and Baltia participated. 40 countries were represented on the MAKS - 2005 by the expositions of the cutting edge technologies and products that form the face of the world's aviation and space industry of the 21st century.

At the static display more than 200 aircrafts of different type were shown, the majority of them being of Russian manufacture. Foreign countries showed 62 aircrafts including 9 military airplanes of the US Air Force among which the supersonic strategic bomber B-1B was shown for the first time. At the separate area 18 battle-trainer aircrafts of French "Patrouille de France" and Italian "Frecce Tricolori" aerobatic teams were placed.

The exposition of the aviation-and-space machinery and gadgetry was considerably enlarged and occupied 38 halls of 30 000 sq.m. of total area, exhibitors being divided by themes. The number of business-chalets for the negotiations also increased (up ot 71), the total area of these chalets reached 6000 sq.m.

The unique demonstration flight program was held during the show. 240 flights were made in 6 days. The visitors could see 49 types of aircraft: fighters, trainers, helicopters, strategic bombers, transport and cargo aircrafts.

MAKS - 2003

The 6th international exhibition MAKS-2003 was held in August 19th - 24th of 2003.

606 corporation representing 40 countries of the world participated. The total area of the exhibition in the stationary and temporary halls increased in comparison to the previous MAKS 2001 by 25%. The number of chalets increased by 6 pc.

The number of foreign aircraft increased considerably and reached 65 airplanes and helicopters.

The program of the demonstrational flights was especially impressing. 222 flights were made during the show.

Together with the famous Russian aerobatic teams «Russian Knights», «Swifts», «Sky Knights» and «Rus» the foreign teams  "Patrouille de France" (France) and "Frecce Tricolori"(Italy) and the demonstrational aircraft of the US Air Force F-15E showed their skill.

MAKS - 2001

On the 14-th of July of 2000 in accordance with the request of the Russian legislation the Aviasalon close corporation was reorganized into the public corporation.

The 5-th international show MAKS was held in August 14th-19th of 2001 and was solemnly opened by the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, who arrived by helicopter and made a speech.

166 aircrafts were shown at the static display. Every day the flight program included demonstrational flights of 38 -58 aircraft. Aerobatic teams «Russian Knights», «Swifts», «Rus», «Sky Swallows» made their flights very expressively. For the first time foreign army airplane "Mirage F-1AZ" took part in the demonstration flights.

The 6-th international symposium "Aviation Technologiest of the 21-st Century: New Frontiers of the Aviation Science" was held at the territory of TSAGI

More than 660 000 people visited the exhibition. MAKS 2001 excelled all the world's most famous shows in the number of visitors.

MAKS - 1999

The fourth salon MAKS - 99 - the last in the previous memorable for the World's aviation XX century was held from the 17-th till the 22-th of August of 1999. It was that century when the aviation made a vast step from the very birth and the first flights of  the Wright's aircraft to the stupendous achievements in the development of the aviation-and-space technologies.

MAKS-99 was opened on the 17-thof August of 1999 by the newly appointed Government Chairman V.V.Putin, who pointed out in his speech that the Russian government attached great importance to the role of Russian aviation-and-space industry.

More than 450 companies from 28 countries took part in the exhibition. The exposition of the exhibition was placed in 21 halls of the total area of 17 000 sq.m. and 30 chalets. At the static display area 150 aircrafts were shown. For the demonstration of the fifth-generation fighter Sukhoy company for the first time exposed the pilot model of the sweepforward airplane C-37 "Berkut".

The 5-th international symposium "Newest Technologiest of the 21-st Century" with the motto: "The  flight safety is the key to success" was held in the TSAGI.

More than 500 000 people visited the exhibition. 

MAKS - 1997

On the 23-rd of August of 1996 the "Aviasalon" Joint-stock company was established because of the cessation of work of the joint enterprise "Aerosalon" Joint-stock company.

During the preparation for the MAKS-97 the full-scale work was done for the enlargement and improvement of the infrastructure of the exhibitional and demonstrational zones. The automobile approach road was considerably improved, new parking places and stationary exhibition halls of the total area of 4400 square meters were built. The outdoor exhibition areas reached 160 000 sq.m.

For the first time in the history of Russian aviation shows MAKS - 97 was  opened by the President of the Russian Federation Eltsin B.N. on the 19-th of August of 1997.

More than 400 companies of different profile from 24 countries participated in the exhibition. More than 150 aircrafts of different type were exhibited. 382 flights were made during the demonstrational programme.

Numerous symposia and seminars contributed to the active exchange of the scientific and technical information. More than 500 thousand people visited MAKS -97. 

MAKS - 1995

The next show - MAKS'95, that was held from 22-th till 27-th of August of 1995 proved the correctness of the chosen strategy of the uniting of all the expositions on the single territory - it gave an opportunity to increase considerably the exhibitor servicing. All the participants got an opportunity to work at MAKS not only more effectively, but moreover with less expenses.

The Organizational Committee and the management of MAKS'95 held a full-scale work for the development of the exhibition infrastructure. 12 new stationary chalet were built. Their total area reached 2400 square meters. Before the beginning of the exhibition 2 modern central halls of the total area of 3600 square meters where build. The total indoor exhibition area reached 22000 sq.m.

More than 400 organizations including about 100 foreign companies from 23 countries participated. More than 160 airplanes and helicopters where exhibited. The total number of visitors of the exhibitions exceeded 500 000 people.

MAKS - 95 differed from all the previous exhibitions with its much more practical and commercial orientation.

The stage of making acquaintance between the representatives of the aviation-and space sector of East and West typical for the beginning of the 90-th, changed into the stage of realization of a number of joint projects and commercial work on the Russian and CIS markets.

MAKS - 1993

On the 30-th of March of 1993 the association of limited liability AVIASALON and "Glahe International KG" company established a German-Russian joint organization "Aerosalon" joint-stock company.

The first international aviation and space salon MAKS'93 was held since 31.08 till 05.09.1993 simultaneously at the three grounds: 

  • the airfield of Gromov's FRI in Zhukovsky, Moscow region
  • expocenter in Moscow
  • the central airfield in Moscow.

The considerable growth in the number of participants and visitors of the exhibition was noticed in 1993. The exhibition got it's today's official name and status of the International Aviation and Space Salon (IASS) "MAKS".

260 organizations including 82 foreign companies from 17 countries took part in MAKS'93. 173 aircrafts where exhibited. In comparison with the previous exhibition the number of visitors increased and reached 400 000 people.

The year 1993 was an important landmark in the development of the aviation-and-space exhibition activity in Russia. After the MAKS'93 it became evident that exhibitions are to be held in a single place. According to the Order of the President of Russia the territory of the Gromov's FRI in Zhukovsky was set as a single place for the International Aviation and Space Shows in Russia. Later, the exhibitions where held regularly on the odd years. 

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