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MAKS-2015 sums up

The 12th International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2015 held on August 25-30, 2015 drew to a close. Despite unfavorable economic and international political factors, the value of signed contracts and agreements exceeded 350 billion rubles. The exhibition had 404,000 guests and participants.

Opening the Aviation Salon, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin spoke of the important role of this event for development of business. I am convinced that regardless of the current international political situation, MAKS, as before, will serve as an efficient platform for expert communication, development of industrial cooperation, and search for new partners, he said. The high status of MAKS as one of the major global aerospace exhibitions is confirmed by the active participation of leading domestic and foreign companies. In total, among its participants were 878 companies and organizations, among them 151 companies from 30 countries. Expositions were organized in exhibition pavilions with a total area of 28K m2 and 8K m2 of open-air exhibition grounds. Active negotiations were held in 78 corporate chalets. The Aviation Salon was visited by 103 official delegations from 65 countries and 66K specialists. Despite the difficult geopolitical situation, leading global companies and corporations maintained their participation in MAKS. National expositions representing France, the USA, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Belgium were organized at the air show. It is worth mentioning a large-scale participation in the exhibition by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Peoples Republic of China. Both Russian and foreign participants noted the increased business activity in negotiations and meetings as compared to the previous MAKS.

Considering heightened interest in aviation on the part of the public, the organizers of MAKS 2015 provided accreditation for working at the Aviation Salon for almost 4K reporters from 580 Russian and 158 foreign media, including 43 Russian and 26 foreign TV networks. For the first time ever, the official accounts of MAKS 2015 were launched on major social networking sites. The number of subscribers reached 90K people.

MAKS 2015 gathered representatives of public authorities, business and research communities. In the course of more than 50 conferences and round tables with 2,000 participants, vital problems of development of aerospace activities, new technologies and materials, matters of personnel training were discussed.

Among the highlights of the air show were the First Eurasian Aerospace Congress and Scientific and Technical Conference entitled New-Generation Materials and Technologies held before the opening of the air show in Moscow. These events drew more than 1,000 participants representing leading national and foreign aerospace centers: UAC, FSUETsAGI, FSUEVIAM and research institutes of Roscosmos, representatives of the Eurasian Partnership of aerospace clusters.

In his address V. Putin announced the conclusion of a few contracts and deals at MAKS 2015. According to him, within the framework of this forum, a number of important agreements was signed, including those on deliveries of our modern aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100. State Transport Leasing Company signed a fixed price contract on delivery of 32 aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 with the manufacturer - Sukhoi Civil Aircraft. Given the value of an option for another 28 airliners of this type, the value of the deal exceeded 130 billion rubles. In its turn, the leasing company signed an agreement with airlines that, in the event of their performance in full, will allow transferring aircraft into lease for the amount of almost 200 billion rubles. Given the cooperation agreements with investment obligations, the value of contracts and deals at MAKS 2015 is estimated at 350 billion rubles.

Two deals involving deliveries of Yak-130 combat trainers and Top-M2K air-defense missile systems to the Republic of Belarus were entered into by Rosoboronexport. Additionally, the public mediator signed an agreement with Jordan on deliveries of P-7 parachute platform systems and with Spanish company HISDESATServiciosEstrategicos S.A. on launching the PAZ spacecraft. The value of the deals within the military and technical cooperation is not disclosed. A significant part of agreements, memorandums of understanding and memorandums signed by large corporations are entered into without disclosing their value.

According to many experts, the unique feature of the MAKS air show, compared to similar aerospace shows across the globe, is its flight program. MAKS 2015 was no exception in this regard. During 6 days of MAKS, 90 aircraft took part in the flight program, including 42 airplanes with 7 aerobatic teams. The Russian Aerospace Defense Forces introduced four aerobatic teams: Russian Nights, Swifts, Russian Falcons, and Tavrida Wings. The exceptional skills were demonstrated in the sky of Zhukovsky by aerobatic teams Russia, First Flight and the guests from Latvia - the aerobatic team Baltic Bees. For the first time ever, Airbus showcased its latest passenger airplane A-350 both on the static display and in the flight program of MAKS 2015.

There were 133 aircraft, including 21 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces demonstrated on the static display of MAKS 2015. YOKOHAMA Speed Festival was held within the framework of the MAKS flight program for the first time.

The highly professional work of specialists of Gromov Flight Research Institute, members of the inter-departmental commission, JSCAviaprom and JSCAviasalon ensured a high level of safety of flights.

In his address, V. Putin paid special attention to new events at MAKS 2015, among which he emphasized Student Day. Within the framework of this initiative, there are planned events dedicated to research and technical creativity of children and young people, professional orientation and enhancement of qualifications of personnel. I believe this is a good and important initiative. It should attract young specialists to this industry and enhance their interest in aviation and space exploration, emphasized the Russian President. On Student Day, the air show was visited by more than 7 thousand students of higher educational institutions and specialized vocational schools. Additionally, presentation of the projects designed by students and children was organized in two separate exhibition pavilions within the framework of the science of higher educational institutions, personnel training and program Young Engineering Personnel. The business and scientific program organized in these two sections was very informative. As a whole, there were extensive activities involving the younger generation. An aviation interactive platform for children was organized; it showcased an aircraft modeling sport area, an area for trampolines and childrens amusement rides, and a military patriotic section. Such busy, informative and highly professional program is not offered by any other air show in the world.

A special segment of MAKS 2015 consisted of activities organized for the veterans of the aerospace industry and the Defense Ministry and disabled people. These events were held jointly with the Government of Moscow Region, the Congress of Aviation Patriots of Russia and the City Administration of Zhukovsky. Within the framework of this program, a tour of the exhibition complex and exhibits was organized for more than 4,000 people together with discussions of vital problems.

More than 600 veterans of the Air Force - representatives of Belarus, Russia, and the Ukraine - participated in the MAKS events after they laid wreaths and flowers at the Eternal Flame monument in Zhukovsky. They also had meetings with young people, guests and participants of the exhibition.

In 2015, the air show drew a lot of attention on the part of aviation fans. The total number of visitors of the event exceeded 404K people. During the first three days, the air show was visited by more than 66K specialists.

For convenient transportation of participants and guests of the event, Mosgortrans, a transport company, organized services of large-capacity buses. During the first three days, there were three special routes, on the day open for general public seven routes connecting two gates of the exhibition complex with two railway platforms, the park-and-ride parking in Bykovo and a stop in Zhukovsky. Train services organized by Centralized Passenger Suburban Company were provided in full load conditions. Seventy-two additional commuter trains were deployed. Guests arriving by motor transport were offered 8K parking spaces on the grounds of the exhibition complex and free park-and-ride parking in Bykovo, where 15K vehicles could be parked.

Significant assistance with arrangement of the events of MAKS 2015 was provided by 300 volunteers selected from schoolchildren and students of Moscow Region.

A tour of the air show was organized for 150 young people with disabilities. They had meetings with the management of JSCAviasalon and the aerobatic team First Flight.

To ensure comfortable conditions for guests of the exhibition complex, the organizers of the Aviation Salon arranged various food services through food vendors. In response to the wishes and comments from guests, in 2015 select food items and drinks were sold at lower prices.

During MAKS 2015, social and antiterrorism security in the territory of Gromov Flight Research Institute and the municipal district of Zhukovsky was ensured by 3,080 policemen, servicemen of Internal Security Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Emercom, employees of private security companies,and in-house security. Safety on the roads was ensured by 400 officers of the Traffic Police. Monitoring of the grounds of the exhibition complex was performed by a helicopter and balloon. Two patrol boats ensured order on the Moscow River. There were no emergency situations or violations of law during the Aviation Salon.

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