JULY 18-23


Rules for the use of Aviasalon JSC materials


Logo– is an original graphic representation of a full or abbreviated name of the company or product. The logo is the verbal part of the trademark or a combination of a symbol and a wordmark.

Corporate block – is an original catchy graphic composition that combines a trademark, company name, mailing and bank details and, optionally, a motto. Corporate block can be used “as is” to design letterhead and envelopes.

Graphic materials – are photographs, images, illustrations, posted on the official website of the company.

  • The logo and corporate block contain trademarks, exclusive rights to which are owned by Aviasalon JSC and protected in accordance with the Russian and international laws.
  • The use of any MAKS symbols in the manufacturing of souvenirs or other products has to be approved by Aviasalon JSC through the issue of a permit to the manufacturing company.
  • It is prohibited to use the logo, corporate block or graphic materials in any advertising materials (own and/or of third parties) for commercial purposes.
  • Use of the logo, corporate block and graphic materials posted on the website is permitted only in the original registered form.

    When using the logo, it is prohibited to:
    • alter logo's proportions
    • alter distance between letters and graphic marks
    • change individual letters in the logo
    • abbreviate the logo
    • incorporate the logo in texts
    • place the logo at an angle
    • use any other colors, except for corporate colors
    • use the logo and/or its constituent parts as elements for other logos, trade names, slogans, etc.
    When using the corporate block, it is prohibited to:
    • alter the proportions of the graphic representation such as: compress, stretch or distort in any other way the main logo block
    • alter the scale, proportions, rotation angle and form of the logo in relation to the text block
    • change the letter spacing inside the wording or use another graphic representation of the logo block
    • change individual letters in the block; abbreviate the block
    • apply any filters or effects to the corporate block
    • use any other colors, except for corporate
  • Use of the logo, corporate block and graphic materials in the ways prohibited by these Rules will be possible only subject to a written consent of Aviasalon JSC, otherwise such actions could be construed as an unlawful use of the trademark of Aviasalon JSC and entail imposition of established legal penalties.
  • 6. Aviasalon JSC reserves the right to amend these Terms at its sole discretion and at any time, and to prohibit the publication of the logo, corporate block and graphic materials by the user(s) as well as to claim compensation for damages caused as a result of unauthorized use of the logo, corporate block and graphic materials.
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