JULY 18-23


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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Transport and Exhibition Complex – Russia will host the participants and guests of the MAKS-2017 Aviation and Space Salon at the end of July 2017.

Active preparation for MAKS-2017 is already under way. The event organizers have received participation confirmation from the largest aircraft manufacturers. Rostec State Corporation manufacturers, as permanent participants in MAKS, will present their innovations in helicopter engineering, engine building, avionics, aircraft mechanisms, systems, and materials. I am certain that the high level of quality of their products and their eagerness to build mutually beneficial cooperation will attract potential partners from different countries worldwide to the event.

Special focus will be placed on the event’s business program. In the course of conferences on applied science, seminars, and roundtable discussions, participants will be able to communicate with their partners, exchange their experiences, and discuss cooperation prospects. MAKS 2017 will also allow for the highlighting of structural problems faced by the industry and identify actions for addressing them effectively.

Rostec State Corporation, as the organizer of MAKS-2017, places a high priority on the development of the exhibition space. State-of-the-art pavilions, a well-equipped conference center and press office, and the convenient infrastructure will create conditions for fruitful work, meaningful exchange of opinions, and enjoyable leisure of the Salon participants and guests.

Welcome to the MAKS 2017 Aviation and Space Salon. See you in Zhukovsky!

Rostec Corporation

Sergey Chemezov

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